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What's the difference between a interior designer and an interior decorator besides the degree?

Do they both choose furniture and wall colors, etc? Which one get more job opportunities? Which one is more successful($)? interior-design design

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3 answers

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Shreya’s Answer

Interior design is the art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces within a building. Decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space with fashionable or beautiful things.

In simple words, if a customer needs a study table, an interior designer would look at what height the table has to be placed, and how much area is needed for the chair for easy movement at the time of studying, at what level the draw has to be placed so you can access it easily, what should be the rack size and strength to hold the average sized books, till what height of the book shelf can be reached by an average height person without having to stretch to reach too far. They also look at what material has to be used for the usage, what colors to choose and the most durable design that can add to the aesthetic beauty to the study room. They also need to consider if the chosen wood would withstand the length and breadth of the wood plank used in every part without causing bending issues. Basically, it includes understanding of the material+design+functionality+use case. Technical knowledge is a very important aspect of an interior designer.
On the other hand, an interior decorator would mostly look at the beautification part of the installation. On what is the trending design, what are the latest color combinations/patterns available, how to design the same study table matching to the architecture in the rest of the home, etc. Creativity is required more in the decorator as compared to a designer.

In short, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design.

Thank you! Taylor A.

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Ranjit’s Answer

Interior design involves structural design and architectural planning. Hence this would require a college degree and some kind of formal education. In several countries, you need to be licensed professional to be called an interior designer. Interior decorator is someone who deals with finishing, aesthetics, placement and space utilisation of a property or workspace.

Thank you for answering! Taylor A.

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Pam’s Answer

A decorator is someone who would select a variety of finishes and furniture for residential clients. They may or may not have some education in design, but they have not attained a degree in it. An interior designer will have a minimum of an Associates degree. Many will have a bachelor's degree. In addition to selecting finishes and furniture, they will draw ideas for interior remodeling, custom built ins, kitchen cabinetry, etc. An interior designer can work on the residential or commercial side of the business. In some states you cannot use the job title of interior designer unless you have a degree and work experience. Once an interior designer has 6 combined years of education and experience, they are eligible to take a licensing exam that is optional.

Thank you!! ☺ Taylor A.