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RAVI M. Dec 25, 2017 524 views

UGC Approved Universities

How many #universities are approved from...

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Timarion M. Oct 07, 2019 174 views

do you need a education to become a Youtube gamer?

#education Do you need a education to become a Youtube gamer its what I want to be when I grow...

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Rahul S. Dec 17, 2019 149 views

Should I try to play international level?

I am a state level badminton player. Give me the correct suggestion weather I should play or not. My age 20 years old....


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Taylor A. Apr 01, 2020 154 views

What's the difference between a interior designer and an interior decorator besides the degree?

Do they both choose furniture and wall colors, etc? Which one get more job opportunities? Which one is more successful($)? #interior-design...