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can an electro-mechanical engineer be working in an office (managerial job)without having to go to sites/factories ?

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4 answers

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Shreya’s Answer

Yes, Prototyping a design is also a major part of the engineers job which is always done before creating the actual product. You can do designs on software. You can use simulation tools to verify the designs. There are also tools where an engineer can remotely observe and control a manufacturing line in industries where they are already using robotic technology.
Nevertheless, it is very important for you to know the actual product/hardware knowledge when working on these activities. This can be gained by attending some training or hands on sessions as and when needed. This is because the final product test needs to be done in person at the site.

Thank you very much Shreya! Rana M.

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Ronald’s Answer

The answer is yes. Many engineers do not go out to the site. There are firms that design things for all over the world. Only a small subset of the engineers will travel to the factory for acceptance testing or other work. As for being a manager, normally that takes a couple of years and maybe some more education. It depends on the firm you are working for. Just remember that working with projects and working with people are two very different skill sets. Not all good engineers make good managers, and not all good managers were good engineers.

Thank you Ronald! Rana M.

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Richard’s Answer

Well, maybe. But your going to need some advanced degrees in management and perhaps a few extra studies in your field, which appears to be power oriented.
It kinda looks like perhaps a couple years would still be needed in the field, in the manufacturing/test areas, in some R&D environments, and in 3rd party offices and facilities ... before you can be effective in leading a team.
There are some niches, though... like programming , acquisition, contracts and specifications, planning/proposals that you can slip into without too much exposure to the outside world. Maybe doing the cad/cam design, layout, system documenting? City planning and infrastructure may be an avenue?

Consider that when your effecting people in general, you will need a EIC "engineer in training" and PE "professional Engineer" to qualify for signing off projects... so thats an extra 4 years while you do your basic post grad stuff. Some field experience maybe needed to show proficiency, at least a year of two early in career.

Go look up some job postings for those kind of positions. Talk to a manager and see what they may say, do a shwdo day and explore where you think your comfortable as you see your career progressing. Thats where you will find meaningful answers.

Richard "inside job" Wolf

Thank you Richard! Rana M.

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Waseem’s Answer

With the profile you have mentioned, electro-mechanical, you start your career as an engineer, at a later stage you could get into management roles.

Thank you waseem! Rana M.