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What are the benefits of being a judge.

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4 answers

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David’s Answer

The benefits for most judges working in the United States are the following which include health, life, and dental insurance; judicial immunity protection; expense accounts; vacation, holiday, and sick leave; and matching contributions to retirement plans as depend on the years you have serve as being what type of judges and serving under which jurisdiction court level.

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Nick’s Answer

In the criminal justice system, a judge is the trier of facts, and often the only person who impartially reviews a case before a verdict or judgement is rendered. Lower level courts employ judges (magistrates) to settle disputes, fine offenses, and civil hearings. Trial courts preside over criminal and civil cases. The judges at often know how to research cases already decided on similar matters, as well as knowing criminal and civil procedures to conduct their business. Except for rare cases, most judges are licensed attorneys. And, being employed as a judge has benefits just like any other employee. An added benefit federal judges enjoy is a life-long appointment to that position. Once they are confirmed by the Senate, they do not have to be reappointed or elected, like most other judges.

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Adriana’s Answer

Being a judge probides you with a lot of benefit. Like health insurance and the pay is really good. But the biggest benefit you have as a judge is that you will experience a lot. For you to become a judge you will have to first go to law school and then become a lawyer. After that you will need some years of experience and good rep so you can be suggested as a judge. Once you become a judge you will feel that you are capable to handle almost anything because of your experience. If you love law and will like to be in it more for the profession becoming a judge is a great career for you.

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Angela’s Answer

Being a judge provides you a broad understanding of the law which is one of the most useful tools for life. Judges have to apply the law in an independent and fair manner. Being a judge allows people to develop writing, interrogation and many other skills. Also, judges get to have a pretty good idea of what the society they are living in looks like. Another important thing about becoming a judge is that you are not stuck with that job. Judges can end up working in law firms, prosecution jobs or volunteering defense counsel jobs. In the US judges have clerks who help them out with their work and writing up their cases which is amazing. In other countries, judges dont have much help. Hope this helps.

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