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What opinions do you have on going to a community college first and then transfer?

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im going to community first and then maybe transfer but im unsure if i should. #college #life #community-college

3 answers

Mary ’s Answer


Hi Esmeralda,

I think it’s a good idea to attend community college and later transfer to a four year college. The transition from high school to college can be overwhelming. I myself started at a community college completed the program and later apply to a four year college.

My community college prepared me and motived me to attend Long Island University in N.Y by than I was ready mentally. Mentally meaning my experience from the community college, I knew what I wanted and I set a dead line. It help me stay on point to finish and this was done by time management. Knowing the next class to take toward my graduation. Another thing you should do make sure the community college you are attending your credits are accepted when it’s time to transfer.

Community college helps you focus and prepares you to want more for yourself. If later you choose not to continue at least you accomplished an Associate degree.

Good luck to you and stay focus.

Rich’s Answer


I would seriously reconsider attending a community college. I made the biggest mistake of my life, when I decided to attend a community college.

I graduated with a 3.56 GPA, but I was NOT ABLE to transfer to a four year college to earn my Bachelors degree. Since I was an incoming junior, I was advised by many four year colleges, that there was no room for me in their college. I knew employees at some of the four year colleges and in some cases, graduates from the four year colleges, but it meant nothing. I was not able to earn a Bachelors degree.

I had wasted two years of my time and thousands of dollars, only to have to stop my education, because I could not transfer. I have made it my personal campaign to do everything possible to inform anyone, who is considering attending a community college, to make another choice. You may save money, but it means nothing if you can't transfer.

Many community colleges state that "you can transfer to any instate four year college." Remember, a fisherman won't tell you the fish is spoiled.

Rachel’s Answer


I chose to attend a four year university. But it is all up to you and if you are tryin to save money it can be a money-saver. However, you must make sure your credits will transfer or you will be retaking a lot of courses which may not fare well for you (at cost) in the long run. I have seen people successfull in both types of colleges. However, 4 yr schools do have a better retention/gration rate. I found going to a 4 yr school more motivating because from day one I knew exactly what I had to do within that 4 years to achieve my desired degree. I have also seen people spend 3 years at a 2 yr community college just trying to finish their required credits. Really it is up to you, but in my opinion going to a 4 yr school will be easier in the long run and it definitely looks better to grad schools and the career-sector.