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What does a typical day look like for an orthodontist?

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2 answers

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Dant’s Answer


Orthodontics is a very easy profession as compared to Dentistry as the Orthodontist does not do as many active procedures, so it is not as hard on your back and neck as general dentistry.

Most orthodontists see 20-40 patients a day to adjust appliances such as change elastics and wires which is usually done by assistants. Some of those patients are consults and putting/removing appliances (braces).

Orthodontist use diagnostic records such as cephalometric and panoramic x-ray, photos, and models to determine the case requirements and time the braces will be on the patient.

Hope this helps,

Dant Sandras, DDS

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Wendy’s Answer

A typical day for an Orthodontist will also include: instruct dental officers and technical assistants in orthodontic procedures and techniques. ... Examine patients to assess abnormalities of jaw development, tooth position, and other dental-facial structures. Diagnose teeth and jow or oher dental-facial abnormalities.