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What were some challenges you face to become an orthodontist?

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Dant’s Answer


The biggest challenge is getting accepted to an orthodontic specialty program after you graduate dental school. Orthodontic programs, in particular, are super selective as in who they accept into their residency programs. They usually require an applicant to be in the top 10% of their graduating class, have research experience, volunteer, and have most likely made the prior connection with the department head.

I am a general dentist who owns his practice. I like general practice as I place implants and focus on cosmetic dentistry. I have also done orthodontics in my practice.

My best recommendation is to begin your pursuit of orthodontics on the first day of your dental school, however, when you are applying to dental school it is not necessary to say that you want to specialize. Just get in.

Hope that helps,

Dant Sandras, DDS #doctorsandras (IG)

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Mohammed’s Answer

I agree with dr. Sandra's response, but I would like to share my experience with dental school.
getting into an orthodontics specialty program can be challenging, but there are things that make it easier like your GPA in dental school (this one is REALLY important), assisting in orthodontic research during dental school, attending CE courses about orthodontics or hands-on training courses. also, it would be a lot easier if you practice as a general dentist for a few years to get experience before you apply for the program.

the other challenge would be the dental school itself, as much as it is fun a rewarding, it can be stressful and consumes most of your time, however, it is not hard if you are dedicated to your goal.

if you chose to pursue this path, during dental school years you will introduce yourself to many exciting fields of dentistry ( orthodontics is one of them) and once you feel sure about your goal then you can start working towards it.

best of luck.