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I want to become an engineer what course i want to take?

Asked Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I have completed 9th std i am interested in becoming engineer so i need your help?

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Traditionally math and science are the foundations of engineering. Math such as algebra, differential equations and calculus are important tools you will use to solve problems. Sciences such as physics, chemistry and some specialty like life science help you understand how things work. Also look for some cources in the field you are interested in, for example staics and dynamics if you want to go into mechanical engineering. But don't undrestimatre the importance of Language Arts. You will read and communicate a lot. Writing papers on your ideas, project updates and plans of projects are key tools in sharing information. Learning to make presentations and present to an audience is also useful. School councellers are a good resource for course information also. Good luck.

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Hi varun,

That was exact same wustion i had while i was growing up, varun i would suggest you to do what you are supposed to do NOW. please concentrate on your present cources, mkae sure you complete your 10+2 with bright colours. am sure by then you will narrow down on what you want. and dont forget, this is the time when you explore more, enjoy your time and happy schooling.

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