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Best College Courses for Publication Design

What are the best courses to take in college if I want to work in publication design and eventually become a creative director? #college #design #director #creative #graphics #magazines #publication-design

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1 answer

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Ricardo’s Answer

Hi Maggi, Great question! I think is super cool that you want to be a Creative Director, it is a great job!
The best courses to take really are any design related courses... I n publication design you need to know about layout, color composition, typography, storytelling, illustration, photography, etc, and learn how to use industry tools such as Adobe in design, photoshop, illustrator, etc.
So pick all classes that have to do with any of the above, also don't just limit yourself to classes, now days with the internet you have unlimited inspiration and ways to learn that were never there before, use social media to follow people that inspire you, designers, illustrators, follow their work, visit websites such as Dribble, Behance, muzli and get inspired by the amount of global talent and projects, that will help you tremendously to learn and know more about anything that you want to accomplish in your design path.
You don't get to be a creative director by just picking one grow and advance into it. Most creative directors come from a long road of doing all the previous work themselves, for example, I started as an animator designer for a few years, then got to be a lead role in my projects, and from there got to be an art director and lead designer, and then got to be a creative director and be leading the design team as well as products.
I wish you the best of luck! and you can do this!!!

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