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how will the air force benefit me?

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I want to know what the benefits are in joining the airforce #fbi #air-force #benefits

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Paul A’s Answer


I was in the Air Force as an enlisted person. I spent 3 years in sunny Riverside, Ca at March Air Force Base. My favorite answer when I was asked growing up was what do you want to get out of school? - My answer was "Just me!". Obviously, a wee bit immature, I was. My point is that my 4 years in the air force allowed me time to mature and provided some money to pay for college after I got out. I was in personnel administration, others were in aircraft maintenance, Air Police, Air Traffic Controllers or in IT fields. I graduated college with a degree in Psychology which I never ever thought was possible when I was younger. This is a great way to explore life, grow up, while being paid, board and room provided free, 30 days vacation and they give you money for school when you get out and you make a lot of new friends.

The downside is its 4 years but nobody is shooting at you or you at them!