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What are good online jobs?

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6 answers

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Dennis’s Answer

Here are a couple

Online Tutor. ...
Search Engine Elevator. ...
Social Media Manager. ...
Freelance Writer. ...
Resume Writer. ...
Transcript. ...
Freelance Web Designer. ...

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Dee’s Answer

There are a lot of work from home jobs out there these days due to all the Covid19 pandemic. Amazon.com has just recently posted that they are looking for employees to work from home providing customer service. Many companies are moving toward at home positions as they find it is more cost efficient. My recommendation is you decide what field you want to go into and research that field. Many customer service positions are transitioning to work at home positions and it's a great entry level role to get you in with that company.

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Nina’s Answer

Hi Bailey,
There are many online jobs (or also called remote) but most require a specific skill. SoWhile I was job searching, I found an online job board for remote jobs only (unfortunately not free). But your local (free online) library may have access to database that you can search.
In just doing a quick scan, here are some of the jobs listed: Fact Checker for a publishing company, speech pathologists for schools, loan processing, developers. Many call centers are also moving to remote positions. I hope this helps.
Are you looking for an immediate job or
are you looking to train for a future career?

Nina recommends the following next steps:

Contact your local library and see if they offer remote access to remote job

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Emily’s Answer

There really are so many opportunities for online and remote work in this day and age. You can make money by running social media pages for companies. You can reach out to small businesses who need help with their social media presence!

Teaching english online is a easy way to work online as well (Check out VIP Kid).
You can also check out the site remote.com for tons of posted jobs!

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Bailey,

I would highly recommend an online tutoring job. It will help keep your brain active and help others.


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James’s Answer

Online teaching? Remote teaching to students overseas? Freelance journalist? Freelance designer?

If it was me I would narrow it down to a area/passion that interests you then you can see online jobs for that topic? At the end of the day there is no point doing something that does not interest you. Good luck! :)