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Emily Snieska

Community Activation Market Head
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Community and Social Service Occupations
Vancouver, Washington
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Allison May 14, 2020 861 views

What are the first steps in starting your own business?

I am an eighth grader and am looking into starting my own real estate business. I want to start my business wherever real estate will be thriving. I want to know want the best majors are to take in college in order to be an entrepreneur. I want to know what are the best classes in collage to...

Merithzell’s Avatar
Merithzell May 14, 2020 697 views

what are the differents jobs available in culinary arts ?

#culinaryarts #job #career #career-path

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Bailey Apr 12, 2020 885 views

What are good online jobs?

#job-search #job-application #job

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Hoor Apr 14, 2020 1032 views

I'm still a student but I'm interested in marketing and I hope you advise me on how can I start in this field and which kind of books or articles I should read? , because I wanna graduate with sufficient skills and experience to find a good job