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how do you become a marine biologist

im in high school and i really want to become a marine biologist. but i just dont know how to become one. marine-biology

i have another question like you graduate from college so you can be a marine biologist at a different state can you get a job from a different state for marine biologist??? or does that not work.? nathalie R.

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2 answers

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Jerel O.’s Answer

Many marine biologists complete at least a bachelor's degree in science . Some schools offer Marine Biology as a major of study while other only offer General Biology. Depending on your educational background and interests, you may look for work with fisheries, aquariums, private research facilities, and college and universities.
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Dennis’s Answer

Gain Recreational, Voluntary And High School Experience In Life Sciences. ...
Take Science Electives In High School. ...
Earn A Bachelor's Degree In Biology. ...
Get An Entry-Level Job In Marine Biology. ...
Obtain Advanced Degrees (Master's And Doctorate), According To Career Goals.
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