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I am a 10th grade student, I've been thinking about possible career choices and how this will depict my future. I have always wanted to be a lawyer from earliest of age, something about helping others around me finding or seeking justice intrigues me. But currently, I've been baffling about this life long choice that will be my future. I want a job that will make me happy but also will bring in a lot of income for me and my family , have any suggestions?. And also I want to study overseas and receive a full time scholarship, I've ask a lot of person about how to achieve this even google and youtubers, but no one gave me a proper answer or a complete one, sorry to make this long but what are the guidelines/ steps to take to achieve going to college overseas and also any career suggestions that will make me happy and not too stress out and also will provide me with a lot of money.

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7 answers

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Xavier’s Answer

I can answer the first part of your question. In terms of making a lot of money, many say that if you do what you love, the money will come. Think about it this way. If you are passionate about a job you're doing, you are going to take extra steps to be the best at it. Once you become a specialist in your field, people will pay top dollar for your service. Don't get me wrong, some jobs do make more money than others, we have to understand that reality, but I can assure you, if you decide to take on a career because of the money, you will burn yourself out.

So let's say you decide to become a lawyer. Make sure you write down why you want to become a lawyer. If it's to help people who have been wrongly convicted, then make sure you become a pro in that area. Help out in areas that you can, as early as possible. Make a blog about it. Become a specialist in that area, and I can assure you, the money will come.

In terms of going to study overseas, I would actually look into finding the email of someone who works at the institution.

Also if you get the chance, check out this video. It has helped me a lot


Thank you for the response jennel J.

Hi Xavier, can you give more context around the YouTube video and how it is relevant to the question? Gurpreet Lally

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Sherri’s Answer

There's a saying that goes "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life".

Sounds like law is your passion so you probably want to narrow down what type of law you want to practice? Engineering law, family law, divorce lawyer, criminal justice? Have you though about getting your undergrad outside the US and then getting your law degree in the US if you plan on practicing law here? Unless you want to go into International finance or global human rights?

There are a lot of options but I will say that not all lawyers make a lot of money right out of school, it takes long hours and hard work to built up a reputation and/or profitable practice or if you want to make partner within a firm, it can be pretty grueling. Just want to set expectations but it sounds like you are up for the challenge! Good luck you!

Thank you for the response, I'm planning to get my undergrad degree in the country that I live in then attend USA for my law degree. I strongly agree that " not all lawyers make a lot of money right out of school,"but if I'm truly passionate about what I plan to do for my future I will succeed tremendously jennel J.

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Veronica’s Answer

Hi Jennel!

I would recommend you to start getting involved with internships or summer programs related to law, or other interests you may have at the moment. Doing these things will give you a better idea of what you really want. Depending on what internship you get, it will give you an insight into the career. Then, slowly but surely you will know if that's for you or not.

Also, high income is great and whatnot, but if you are not happy with your job, what is the point. It is all about where your passion is in and you have to find that. People are always changing careers even when they have their jobs set and that is totally fine. I feel like you should not even be worrying about careers right now, focus on discovering your career as you are growing. I honestly did not figure out what I wanted to do until after college.

Studying overseas is definitely a thing you can accomplish in college (study abroad). Look into that once you get into college as a freshman. And hopefully, within your junior and senior years, you can obtain scholarships as well.

Thank you for the advice, I was planning to do my internship at a law firm this summer, but because of the pandemic it will be propose on till year. And I do believe in happiness over everything. jennel J.

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Jennel!

I doubt I will answer all your questions, but I just want to share a few ideas with you. Let's start in the middle and work backwards. You want to be a lawyer. That means you will have to go to Law School. Where do you want to practice law? If you want to practice in France, you will need to know their requirements, and, it just might be best to go to law school in the country where you intend to practice, as, the laws vary from country to country.

The United States law schools are three years. That is after getting a Bachelors degree, which, is a 4 year program. Now, you will have some flexibility on where you get your undergrad degree, and what you major in. But remember, that undergrad degree is important when you go to seek admission to a law school, and there are a lot of pre-law advisers at the various colleges and universities who will guide you in taking the right classes to improve your chances of admission to the law school of your choice.

As far as getting scholarships, people do that normally through academics or athletics. So, unless you are good in sports, you need to work on getting really good grades in high school to hopefully secure a scholarship.

By ending your question by asking for career advice that will not be too stressful, will make you happy, and bring in a lot of money, it makes me wonder if perhaps you are not too sure about being a lawyer. I don't have any alternative career suggestions.

But, I have plenty to say about stress, money, and happiness, which, I will address later. Hope this answer so far has been helpful to you.

Thank you so much, you have clear up my perspective/ views on a lot of things. But so far I've decided to do law , so I will complete the bachelor's degree in my country, take the LSAT and apply for a law school overseas and also for scholarships when it comes on to sports, I do football, I think it's called soccer in the USA and for academics I'm working at an average rate but if I put mind in to it I know I can achieve above average .I think this is my main career choice but just in case I have to plan a back up choice. Does it matters what you major in for the bachelor's degree, even if it doesn't pertain to law? jennel J.

In terms of choosing a major: Yes, you can choose any major and go into law at least in the U.S. You just have to make sure you have the background to do well on the LSAT. Popular majors for prelaw are political science, history, English, philosophy, journalism, sociology, psychology, just to name a few, but choose what you are interested in and stay on top of law school requirements. You say your are going to law school in your home country? If you go to law school in a different country, you best check out their requirements. They may be different than in the U.S. JOHN STANLEY

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David’s Answer

The reason why no one is able to answer or give you a proper answer to your question is because each person has their own passion, dedication, and determination of what they want and I believes you first have to identified what you really passion, dedicated, and determined for. You are currently in 10th grade and you already have plan for your future profession and goals, which is good. As for oversea studying, are you planning to do your whole study oversea or just several semester. Most people I know whose do oversea study are those in the business, history, education, travel and tourism and etc. major which is a good opportunity for them to learn the different cultures as well as the different between lifestyles in another country. If you still have the passion and dedication for doing law or legal studies, and want to do oversea studies, I would recommend attending school in the USA first for maybe when you are in your sophomore and/or junior year for your undergraduates you can do overseas study for 1 or 2 years on some courses. A lot of school in the USA is connected with different school oversea that you may take into consideration. Try using this summer and upcoming fall time to do some college visit, college fair, career path seminar or work shop and maybe you can listen to some people in their profession and what you can network with them about.

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Dr. Delma’s Answer

You mentioned that you want a job that will make you happy, first off you want to know what you like. When you choose a career it should be something you are very passionate about and that can be a lawyer for you.... however be certain it is. When you study something that you would love doing makes college years easier. Also once completed, work-life is simple because you are doing what you love. You are not just working because you have to but because you love what you are doing. Money is a factor but first, ponder a bit on what does Jennel likes! What do you see you doing all your life... jot those down!

Thank you so much for the response, I'm a firm believer in doing something that I love for my future.I want to be a corporate lawyer so I was thinking for my bachelor's degree I should major in a business course which could benefit me if I wanted to change my career (my backup career). jennel J.

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Rachel’s Answer

Not sure if you have considered a career in medicine, but if you have though about medical school, I would recommend going to college in the United States. It can be difficult to gain admission as a foreign medical grad.

Thank you for the advice. I thought about medicine too, a pediatrician to be exact because I love to work with children, I will definitely keep that career choice in mind. And also I have always want to go college in USA, never change my mind about that and I don't think I will. jennel J.