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What impact has Covid-19 done in regards to working in a fire station?

Being a fire fighter is one of my dream goals since a kid, I am currently enrolled in a fire academy and love it. I have my cpr certification and I am accomplishing a lot to meet the requirements to be part of the fire service. But what has Covid-19 done to firefighters to stay safe while keeping the city safe? fire firefighter service fireservice covid-19 saferathome

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3 answers

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Ryan’s Answer

Hey Daniel. Every fire department operates under its own independent leadership, so there is no single master-list of things all firefighters are doing to stay safe. That said, many of the steps departments are taking are the same or similar. So, I will tell you what my department is doing, and it's a good bet that most other departments are taking similar precautions.

-Every firefighter is having their temperature taken twice a day on-duty; temps over 100.3 are sent home
-Nothing worn on a call is allowed inside the living area of the fire station (boots, radios, etc.)
-Turnout gear (no SCBA) is worn on all calls, including medical calls, so station uniforms aren't exposed
-N95 masks are worn on all-calls, including car accidents
-Cloth masks are worn at all other times on shift, unless eating or sleeping
-We are no longer responding to non-emergency medical calls, or general calls to assist "sick people"
-If there is any suspicion of COVID, we stage outside and let the ambulance go in; if the medics need help, then we go in
-We are not conducted multi-company trainings, so, for example, Engine 1 and Engine 9 can't meet up at the burnbuilding to practice together
-All in-person trainings (such as conferences, seminars, classes at other departments, etc. were cancelled
-Only 1 firefighter from each company is allowed in the grocery store / other businesses
-The public is not allowed in fire stations for community events, tours, etc.
-If a mutual aid company back-fills our station because most of our department is on a major incident, they are confined to the apparatus bay - they can't enter the living area of our station
-Department leadership has selected pre-determined quarantine locations if a firefighter, or crew, is exposed or tests positive
-Department leadership has also developed contingency plans (i.e what apparatus / stations will be staffed if 10% of the department is out sick, 20%, etc.)
-Of course, firefighters are washing hands more often, and doing extra cleaning of the station and apparatus every shift

I'm sure there's more I'm not thinking of, but those are the big ones. Knock on wood, we've been very successful so far and have not had a single firefighter test positive, that I know of. Many of these are temporary, but I'm sure a few of these new precautions will be become the new normal, and will be around for the rest of your career. In 25 years, when you're training new firefighters, you can tell them how 'back in the day' when you first started, you didn't have to have your temperature taken before shift everyday!
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Dennis’s Answer

hi check out the link below
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Robert’s Answer

Hi Daniel, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with several fire fighters last month and I asked them how they were staying safe and they told me they have all the PPE equipment available. Congratulations on your career choice.
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