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Joanna Mar 15 650 views

Can a 37yr old mom join the military to become a CRNA?

Hello! I am 37-year-old single mother to 3 teens. One is enlisted in the Navy and the other 2 are home (will be having a family plan in place for bootcamp and deployments). I have an Associate's Paralegal degree and am working in criminal defense. I am looking into changing my career into...

mahollia’s Avatar
mahollia Feb 27 424 views

can I go to the army after college?

can you join the army after you get your certification in RN? If so how can i go about doing that?

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Aug 22, 2023 2635 views

Should I start working on getting a car before joining the military?

How useful is having a car while serving active duty in the military?

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Aug 20, 2023 933 views

Where do I go to enlist for the army?

I live in Central IIllinois, I am 13 years old, and I haven't graduated high school yet.

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Aug 16, 2023 315 views

What are some unexpected things in the military you had to deal with?

Like situations you were not trained to deal with or social interactions you were totally unprepared to have.

Moana’s Avatar
Moana Aug 05, 2023 658 views

How hard/stressful is college during military service?

How difficult might it be to attend college during the first term of active duty military service? I am a high school senior and wish to have an MOS in and study in the medical field.

Alexus’s Avatar
Alexus Aug 06, 2023 278 views

Is it possible to enlist in the military even with Juvenile Arthritis?

Enlisting during high school

Deborah’s Avatar
Deborah Jan 11, 2023 425 views

How do i go about application for military after a degree in forestry?

What should I do to get into the military after my first degree in forestry

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Nov 20, 2022 2425 views

If I want to be a CRNA in the military, will the military help train me to become one, or will I need to become a CRNA before joining the military?

Want to know if I need to become a CRNA before joining the military, or if I will be trained by the military to become one

Davaun’s Avatar
Davaun Oct 31, 2022 597 views

What was your experience like in the military?

I'm interested in military service and would like to learn more!

Ishmael’s Avatar
Ishmael May 03, 2022 941 views

How do u enlist in the U.S NAVY?

I want to be an enlisted sailor.

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 18, 2021 928 views

Is it hard doing your military work while getting a college degree?

I'm graduating in 4 weeks and my plans is to be a part of the military. I'm trying to prepare to be active in the military while pursuing a college degree.
#military #informationtechnology

liah’s Avatar
liah Mar 01, 2021 534 views

What is the best position in the Military?


Ellis’s Avatar
Ellis Dec 21, 2020 648 views

What steps should I take to become a marine

Ever since I've been little I have always wanted to be a cop but after one time I had a class were people in military came and talked about what they do and about there self what steps could I take to be a marine. #military #marine

madison’s Avatar
madison Nov 13, 2020 658 views

when joining the military what are the obstacles you have to go through?