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Ryan Pfeiffer, MA

Firefighter Training Officer / EMT
Public Safety
Fort Collins, Colorado
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Connor’s Avatar
Connor Dec 07, 2022 95 views

What would a normal week for a firefighter look like?

Interested in the urban firefighting field.

Breanna’s Avatar
Breanna Jan 30 93 views

Career obstacles?

Is it hard for a girl to get into one of these fields? And is there any requirements you may not know of before going into something like this?

khalil’s Avatar
khalil Feb 08 143 views

military and law enforcement ?

how did you get to where your at right now

jharet’s Avatar
jharet Feb 08 243 views

How is the military and do you recommend it

i want to get in to it I'm 17 but I'm nervous

Lens’s Avatar
Lens Feb 03 225 views

How do I become a firefighter?

I am in 8th grade I love the idea of being a firefighter, I like saving people, saving properties from hot burning fires. It seems so exciting, what are some steps to take to become a firefighter when am older?

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Dec 07, 2022 103 views

As a forest firefighter how many months of the year do you usually work??

As a forest firefighter how many months of the year do you usually work?

Brett’s Avatar
Brett Dec 06, 2022 189 views

What is the scholarship for becoming an officer in the national guard?

I heard of scholarships for the military but I want to join as an officer in the national guard.

Kolben’s Avatar
Kolben Dec 13, 2022 286 views

What are the biggest benefits for joining the military?

I have been wanting to join the military when I get old enough. I would like to know what the benefits of each of the branches.

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Sep 02, 2022 1049 views

Any Advice On This Type Of Work?

Since I am a person who wishes to help people that are affected by natural disasters, what are some good places/resources to check out to gain experience in that field?

DarMario’s Avatar
DarMario Jun 09, 2022 299 views

Exactly how many levels are there to being a firefighter?

I am interested in becoming a firefighter, but I need to find out what I need to do to become one, such as classes or degrees to do so.

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia May 12, 2022 318 views

If I attend community college will I be able to take classes online?

I'm interested in attending south mountain community college.

ashley’s Avatar
ashley May 10, 2022 290 views

what classes in college should i take to become a EMS

i just want to know what classes i need to take to be a EMS

andrea’s Avatar
andrea May 18, 2022 470 views

What was the hardest part of training to be an EMT?

both physically and mentally

andrea’s Avatar
andrea May 18, 2022 252 views

How long did it take to officially become an EMT?

after exams and field hours

andrea’s Avatar
andrea May 17, 2022 259 views


When becoming an EMT was a fitness routine necessary in order to keep up with the work ?