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Hector T.’s Avatar
Hector T. Nov 29, 2021 253 views

What is like to work as an EMT

I'm thinking in studying to become an EMT
#emt #paramedic #emergency #medical

Alex S.’s Avatar
Alex S. Nov 12, 2021 134 views

What classes should I take to become a firefighter

Planning on becoming a firefighter but I don't know what classes I should take in college. Should I major in something else as a backup? Or do I just focus on firefighting? #college #firefighting

Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. Nov 10, 2021 108 views
Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. Nov 03, 2021 146 views
Alex S.’s Avatar
Alex S. Nov 02, 2021 183 views

What is the best way to becoming a firefighter

I'm a junior in high school, trying to find out how to become a firefighter. #firefighting

Elio V.’s Avatar
Elio V. Jul 29, 2021 293 views

What are the skills needed to become a firefighter?

I really don't know what I want to do in life but being a firefighter always seemed interesting to me.


Britney G.’s Avatar
Britney G. Jun 24, 2021 130 views

What can I do to become a firefighter.

I'm about to go to the 11th grade and I'd like to become a firefighter. Is there anything I should really know? #firefighting #sports

An Awesome Student Q.’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18, 2021 192 views

How do you join the military?

Hi! I'm Ms. Eldridge at the International Community School. My 5th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!


Bharat K.’s Avatar
Bharat K. Jan 12, 2021 390 views

For AFROTC, do you get to complete a Master's degree or are you immediately forced to become an officer?

I want to complete an engineering degree and then follow into intelligence, but I am not sure whether I will get the opportunity to get that master's if I complete ROTC. Can someone help? #military #human-resources

Meagan S.’s Avatar
Meagan S. Oct 28, 2016 552 views
alexis W.’s Avatar
alexis W. Nov 03, 2020 113 views

air traffic control

im a sophomore in high school and i would like to know more about being an air traffic controller. what different things do they do and are the working conditions good? what are the hours and salary like and are there fringe benefits? #air-traffic-control

Cordell T.’s Avatar
Cordell T. Nov 05, 2020 153 views

I am in 9th grade and I wanna know what careers and helpful next steps that fit the most

I like what police do and how they protect people and firefighters. They do what I like to do. #policemen #firefighting