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Ryan Pfeiffer, MA

Firefighter Training Officer / EMT
Public Safety
Fort Collins, CO
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Meagan S. Oct 28, 2016 500 views
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Tristan T. Feb 09, 2017 1014 views
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jonathan K. Apr 06, 2018 324 views

How much income does a firefighter get?

I want to see how much money I get? #work #firefighter #income...


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Matthew H. Jul 25, 2019 217 views

What things should I know about Wild Land Firefighting that is not in the book?

Any safety precautions that I should know or any helpful advice....


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Pedro N. Feb 03, 2020 209 views

Is there any volunteer firefighter work available?

I live in the Rogers Park area Chicago Illinois. I'm interested in the firefighter volunteer. I have a criminal background. What are my chances and getting into volunteer work? #criminal #volunteer...


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Chloe B. Feb 03, 2020 391 views

How do I know which Military Branch is right for me?

For as long as I could remember I had always dreamed of being in the Military. With my last year of HS weighing in, it's to the point where I need to step up and choose what I wanna do with my life. The only thing i'm having trouble with is deciding what branch is right for me....


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Marlene U. Feb 03, 2020 254 views

What courses should I take in college? How should I prepare for med school?

I'm currently at job corps for CNA training, but I'm working towards becoming a General Pediatrician in the future. Looking for advice of the best paths to take to becoming a General Pediatrician. I'm aware of the long journey ahead of me, but I'm also willing to work hard to get there. Any...

#healthcare #cna #doctor #pediatrics #pediatrician #medicine