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What are some good medical schools for anesthesiology?

I'm sure most medical schools are good, but I would like to know if there are any that are really good for anesthesiology. #medical-school #anesthesiology

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4 answers

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Tanya’s Answer

You really do not learn about anesthesiology in medical school. With that said you do want to find a medical school where you will have exposure to anesthesia during your third year of medical school. If you do not have exposure during your third year, you can apply for an elective during your fourth year. To become an anesthesiologist it takes 4 years of college; 4 years of medical school; 1 year internship and 3 years residency. Basically it really does not matter what medical school you go to because it depends more on what type of student you are.

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Wael’s Answer

Check the link below.


Hey, Marcus! I have a lot of friends looking into this job, too, so here is what I know about schools that are perfect for you: Johns Hopkins University. Harvard University. University of California--San Francisco. University of Pennsylvania (Perelman) Duke University. Columbia University. University of Michigan--Ann Arbor. Stanford University. I hope this helps! Thanks to https://www.usnews.com/best...schools/top-medical-schools/anesthesiology-rankings for helping me to find the answer to your question! Addison C.

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Rachel’s Answer

Any accredited medical school will allow you to apply for an anesthesia residency.

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Richard’s Answer

Any medical school will be fine. You will just need to get decent grades so you can apply for an anesthesiology residency.