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How does a psychiatrist connect to more clients?

I plan to start a private practice, but of course I'll need patients to be successful. What's the best way to find them? #doctor #psychology #psychiatry

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Are you currently in medical school and specifically in your psychiatry residency? I am operating under the assumption that the answer to your my question is "no" as you would getting mentorship from the faculty and colleagues during your residency on starting a private practice.

How far along are you in your academic studies? What resources are offered at your university for pre-med majors? Have you taken the MCAT's yet.

Again, I have made some assumptions from the question you posed- it seems as though you might be "jumping the gun" given the sparse information you have provided about your background.

My recommendation for you: provide sufficient information about your educational background before posing a question. In that way, responses can be targeted better to your needs!