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I have completed my bachelors in India in Commerce Professional and Now pursuing PDD(IBM) International Business Management,How can I get a good job after this diploma ?

I am International student as other International student I am unaware about Canada working culture.So,I want to gather some details about how to land into company. #business #manager #export #fitt

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2 answers

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Sunday Emmanuel’s Answer

What I'll say is that you advance yourself by going through online classes and trainings to make you vast and have inept knowledge on what you want to study

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Geoffrey’s Answer

My advice would be to add to your business management skills by addding some technical skills like business analysis, financial analysis, financial modeling, accounting skills, taxation etc. These skills are very specific and can differentiate you from the regular business graduate. There are many free courses platforms that offer standalone course or a paid series as a certificate, examples include Coursera, Udemy, Udacity etc. .

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