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what is it like being a model?

is it nice being a model

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3 answers

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Lori’s Answer

It never hurts to be confident and look put together. I have been to many shows where models walk the runway. I have a family member who works on the sets for these shows. Here is what he observed. First maybe a hundred models audition, depending on the size of the show, only some are chosen. This is such a rejection. Then the chosen ones stand around for hours and many smoke to pass the time. There are fittings, then on show day they spend hours in hair and make up. Now I have seen them walk the runway, which to be fair, is a performance. However, their shoes/heels are so high, it is dangerous. So bottom line, enjoy fashion, it is an art form. Follow your joy, learn all about your subject. You may become a model or find something else you enjoy in the fashion world along the way, or you may do both!

Lori recommends the following next steps:

Read/learn about fashion designers, current and in the past.
Learn about fabrics and designs.
Learn about hair/nails/skin care.
Work on your confidence and your walk.
Then follow Catherine's suggestions.

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Bronwyn’s Answer

Hi Marie -

My daughter modeled for a couple of years here in San Francisco. She did enjoy some aspects of it, but not all - and it is a process. Since we live in a large city, there were a good handful of agencies to choose from. We did some research online, and she had another friend who worked with an agency here. She went to an open call (one day a week they usually have this where people can come in and meet the agents/recruiters). They will take your body measurements, talk to you a bit about your interests, and if they are interested, they will take some digital pictures that they can put on their website. If they are not interested, they will politely tell you and send you on your way.

Note: you should NEVER have to pay an agency for anything. But you will need to sign a contract.

After about a month or so, local photographers who are interested in your digital photos will contact the agency to do a "test shoot" with you. again, this is not something you pay for. The plan is either the photographer can post them to their Instagram account and sometimes publications will pick up the pictures, or this is where other photographers or clients may see your pictures. The client then contacts the agency if they are interested in you for a shoot. Some of these are outright paid shoots, some are "interviews' or 'casting calls".

For my daughter, it took almost a year of shooting with different photographers and building up her portfolio (the agency should be using some of those pictures and posting them on their website profile of you) before clients started asking for her for jobs. Remember, though, you are at the client's mercy - she was a high school student at the time and if the client wants you for an all-day shoot during finals on a weekday, it won't work. She had to reject several requests for that reason, and that in turn sometimes frustrated the agency.

In the end, she had about 4-5 client shoots with high profile companies or cosmetic companies, and while she enjoyed the work, it can be a long day. Some will pay by the hour, but most by the day, and quite often the client will get the rights to your photos for a certain amount of time. And the agency will take a cut of your pay. So a shoot for $1000 really puts about $650 in your pocket by the time the agency takes their money and you pay taxes. There is usually a 60 to 90-day span between the actual shoot and getting paid.

The main things to remember - you have to be flexible... the more you say yes to, the better your exposure and the potential for work. If all your friends are going to a party and a client wants you that same day, the agency is not going to want to hear about your personal life and they will move on to the next model. Some shoots can be 6+ hours long. Only a very select few can make a career out of modeling. I think after 2+ years my daughter had other interests (school/sports/friends) that she felt were more important.

I think it was a great experience for her, and gave her confidence and maturity. She had to walk into a shoot with a bunch of strangers and handle herself professionally since she was representing herself and the agency. She put it on her resume and her college applications. So she has no regrets from the experience.

Good Luck!

thank you I know I am not beautiful enough for this in fact no where near close but I can try right? Marie E.

Are you kidding? OF COURSE YOU CAN. You are your own worst critic... I say go for it!! Bronwyn Acosta

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Catherine’s Answer

Modelling is a competitive and often short lived career. You are required to work long hours and often ones self esteem is lessened due to agents attitudes being extremely tough on models.

Catherine recommends the following next steps:

Attend Modelling School.
Compile a personal portfolio of your modelling.
Approach Modelling Agencies for interviews.
Be Confident.
Be Professional.