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How hard is it to get a job with a background in ceramics?

I'm currently a double major in visual art/computer science. I love art especially, but I"m concerned. #visual-arts #visual-basic #art #fine-art #artist #career

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2 answers

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Eric’s Answer

Working in the education system I see the fine arts track often left with questions like this. It's not difficult, but you if your school offers a course in creating models from 3D sculpture you might want to consider gaining that knowledge.

Additionally, ceramics is a single medium - Clay. Sculpture often works in clay but can be applied to almost any other 3D medium. This is a refinement of the analog 3D concepts.

Let's look at the jobs you can apply for with a background in sculpture:
There's working for other sculptures who make their art into molded statues - apprentices, assistants, modelers.
There are special effect houses that need sculptures to model their monsters and effects.
There are toy companies that model clay mock ups.
Car companies design clay mock ups of their vehicles.
Management of ceramics companies that mass produce original works.
Modeler at those companies.

I'm sure there is work out there, narrowing the search is the key to finding the work.

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Mark’s Answer

A clay modeling career in the automotive industry is a very good way to make a living. This video link might inspire you. http://deansreport.cal.msu.edu/2017/dan-robar/