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Could I have two completely different full-time jobs?

I want to major in the medical field and also agriculture. I want to attain jobs relating to those majors, but there are policies limiting more than one full-time job. #pre-med #doctorate-degree #agriculture

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2 answers

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Keith’s Answer

No, it's not really possible, if only because working two full time jobs is exhausting! Traditionally a full time job is defined as 9AM - 5PM, five days a week. If you were to have a second job, you would to balance the working hours and locations between two jobs, which would be very hard.

A better option may be finding a hobby or volunteer activity you enjoy in addition to your full time job. For example, if you work in agriculture, you might also volunteer at a hospital. Similarly, you can work in medicine, and work part time at local farm, community garden, or nursery.

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Estelle’s Answer

Having 2 full time jobs would require so many sacrifices, and you would risk not fully committing to either one. You would risk relationships, sleep deprivation, and lack of time for hobbies. These two occupation paths (agriculture and medicine) don't overlap enough, in my opinion. I think it would be best to focus on one of these interests, become proficient, then develop other interests.