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how can i channel dancing into a career that makes alot of money.

I love to dance and sing. Sometimes I have trouble choreographing and I want to go to SCAD. dance college

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4 answers

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Donavon’s Answer

This is a great question!

I think anything that you have a passion about can become a profit center and fantastic long as you are willing to put forth the effort and do the work.

I agree with what has been shared here, education and experience are key! Do as much dancing as you can now. Learn. Fine tune your craft and keep moving forward to take in all that you can. Go to SCAD and discover the ins and outs of dancing. Learn the history of dancing. Engage in the intricacies of the craft...and sharpen your skills and passion. you are taking all of this in, I would recommend watching others to find out where they struggle, why they struggle and how you can help them connect to this art form to which you are drawn. You could offer a service to authentically connect people to dancing and overcome some of the fears and obstacles that are holding them back. You can provide classes and courses to help people on the fringes connect to dancing and use it as an opportunity to impact their lives, the way that dance has impacted yours.

I think one thing COVID-19 has taught us is that there are plenty of opportunities to do classes and coaching digitally, this is something that you could easily set up and run from anywhere. This would be a great business model in that it would allow you the flexibility to work on your time, from any where you would like and with the ability to change and adjust classes as you see fit.

So YES: SCAD would be a great place to start...along with that why not earn some credits in the area of starting an online business and then build something that is both powerful and profitable!
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Melody’s Answer

I believe there is great opportunity available, but first you will need to really define what it is you are striving to achieve. Is it great dance/singing/ entertaining? Are you looking to be out front or behind the scenes? The answers will help you move forward in your pursuit. Without additional schooling, you want to immerse yourself in the industry through studying current dancer/singer/entertainers locally and internationally. You may find using the internet as your open resource to discover what is available and possible with an eye for what you might bring uniquely. You may also benefit from any volunteer/low pay opportunities to get actual experience and feel of how this industry works.
As for you current skill/expert level, look into pursuing additional schooling from an art/entertainment college, but do not overlook small venues where you can discover, expand and explore your talents. A school will give you the fundamentals and a general idea of possibilities, but it will be the other "avenues" that show you more on how to move and bring forth your talent.
As for the money part, be willing and open to have your money come through multiple streams of income. For instance, run an online dance/exercise website, perform in Broadway/Off Broadway shows, use your dance as a therapist, etc. Do not consider only one way to use your skills/talent to earn an income. Also, it may be helpful to really define what you mean by "a lot of money" - a few thousand, 1 million. What amount is a lot to you? During your research, target or identify those who are making that amount and study what they had to do to get that amount.
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Riley’s Answer

To begin, once you are accepted into your college (hopefully SCAD), a great way to get your foot into the door is just to speak to your advisor about it! College advisors are here to help you, and you will be assigned to someone who has a lot of knowledge about the career field you have chosen and will probably give the best advice that you could get. Until then, I would suggest to just keep practicing and learning as much as you can about your practice. Assuming you are enrolled in some sort of dance class, you could probably ask your instructor about different careers that they might have already pursued or thought about and what they think is best for you. One path that I thought of immediately is to pursue backup dancing or musical theatre. At first these jobs will not provide a lot of money, but if you continue to perfect your skills you have a good chance at earning a good amount of money!
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Darin’s Answer

Well you know you want to go to SCAD the first thing you should do is visit SCAD website and research programs to study, request some information and look into getting in touch with a counselor who could answer any questions you may have. They should be able to help you in the right direction

Darin recommends the following next steps:

Visit SCAD website, research programs and request information