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What would be a good college to become a mechanic in North Carolina

I would like to get into a college in NC so I can stay close to home , I really want to become a mechanic like my dad. And still get into a good college so I can learn and get a diploma. #college-advice

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3 answers

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Sam’s Answer

Hey Brooklyn,

Automotive Technology Schools near Rockingham, NC
Campus Locations

680 Highway 74 West
Polkton, NC 28135

3395 Airport Rd
Pinehurst, NC 28374

Sam recommends the following next steps:

copy and paste the links into your web browser and vist the web pages
Fill out the form with basic personal information and let a recruiter call you to explain their programs
Ask about jobs after graduation and tuition and financial aid options
Call prospective employers and ask whether they would hire graduates from the program you choose
Good luck in your ventures!

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Bill’s Answer

Hi Brooklyn,

I learning to be a mechanic to have a stable job, while continuing your education is a great idea. Mechanics will always be in demand and should offer some flexibility on the hours you work to continue studies evenings/weekends, etc. Automotive technology continues to become more and more complex, so combining mechanic work with say a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science might be a few options. You'll need to be highly disciplined to work and continue studies, but I'm confident that you have the energy and dedication to be successful in this long-term project.

Bill recommends the following next steps:

Talk to your guidance counselor at school
Reach out to a local Community College and setup a meeting with an advisor
Consider things that really appeal to you, so work is very enjoyable

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Dave’s Answer

Davidson County Community College has several options. Check your local community college, you'll get the education you need at a fraction of the cost of private tech schools. https://www.davidsonccc.edu/