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Kevin D. May 30, 2017 541 views

What college should I attend to be a commercial pilot and how can I improve on my career?

As a high school student, I been dreaming to be a commercial pilot and do not know what college to pick or any majors. I would like to work for Delta someday but do not know how. #commercial-pilot...


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Fahmeda U. Jan 18, 2018 650 views

Any tips to help me with my confidence ?

Confidence is something I have always had an issue with. I am shy and quiet person you hardly would ever notice. It’s really frustrating now as I start to apply for internship or even other opportunities. I feel I’m not good enough for it and end up not doing it . I missed out of many...


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Ethan B. May 15 261 views

How would I proceed to get into the underwater nuclear welding field?

I am currently enrolled into a job corp program and is currently working toward a high school diploma and a certificate for welding and after I finish that I would be going to advanced training for commercial diving and I would like to have any further advice on anything else I would have to do...


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Brooklynn H. May 20 79 views

What would be a good college to become a mechanic in North Carolina

I would like to get into a college in NC so I can stay close to home , I really want to become a mechanic like my dad. And still get into a good college so I can learn and get a diploma....