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Good location for a dietitian?

Updated Cheney, Washington

Hello, my name is Caitlin and I am going to be a sophomore in college. I know where I would like to live, but what is a good location for a dietitian to live and make enough money for living? I don't want to struggle and I want to be successful. I would love to be a well known dietitian. Thoughts on good locations to consider? #college #career #career-counseling #dietitian #nutritionist #dietetics #nutrion

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Monique’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Caitlin,

Congratulations on pursuing a dietetics degree! Being a well-known dietitian will honestly depend on the effort you put into it and your ability to network. In New York City, you can make pretty decent money and jobs are plentiful however, your experience, skills, and possibly the domain of practice will truly determine your salary.

Once you become credentialed, check out the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic's salary calculator to determine the appropriate pay that you should accept based on your location, salary, and other information about the job. I would also suggest that you consider the cost of living wherever you decide to go because the salary will most likely be proportional to that. I hope this helps and good luck!