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If I want to be a coach, should I start at the youth level?

Would it be better to volunteer for collegiate or professional teams and try and work my way in low positions ie Nick Uren for the Warriors? #basketball #coaching #professional-sports

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Dave’s Answer

Hello Derek - I've run a non-profit youth basketball club for over 13 years. I believe the youth level is a great way to start into coaching to improve your skills and help you decide if it can be your passion. As a coach you are a leader, mentor and role model. If you find it is not your passion then take a different career route.

Volunteering is a great way to break into an organization an show your value. My top coach that I trust with our 2 travel teams started with me many years ago as a volunteer. He showed he was willing to make a personal investment of his time to become a better coach and that went a long way with impressing me.

Good luck and enjoy the ride!