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What Is Your Schedule Like As An Event Planner?


Im A 16 Year Old Girl In The 11th Grade Currently Attending The Business of Sports School. Im In An Entrepreneurship Class And I Have Created A Business Plan Wanting To Become An Event Planner And I Just Wanted To Know What Type Of Schedule You Have As An Event Planner. #business #event-planning

3 answers

Tiffany’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

It would be hard for me to tell you EXACTLY what the hours are for event planners because its on a case by case basis. However, hours for an event planner can range from 40 to 80 hours a week, depending on the event that you are working on at the moment. You have to consider the pre-planning stage which may just be like a 40 hour work week but when it comes time for the event, you could be working 20 hour days ensuring that the event is flawless.

Thank You!!! Very Helpful!!

Shreya’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

You'll usually be working full weekends, since that's when most events, such as weddings or parties, take place. During the week, you'll spend your days marketing your business, networking with vendors, and organizing event logistics (decor, catering, etc.). Because many clients have regular jobs, you will probably meet with them in the evenings. In short, your schedule will be variable and need to be flexible since you'll be interacting with so many other people.

Stacy’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

It depends on what type of event planner you are (ie, a corporate or "social" planner) that will most likely determine the days and hours that you will work. Some seasons will be a lot busier than others so the work load will ebb and flow. My background is in corporate events, both working on the Destination Management Side (DMC) as well as the client side, primarily in the high tech field. I have planned a few weddings but my focus has always been on corporate events. I will say that the hours can be very long but when an event comes together beautifully, there is nothing better!