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After someone has completed veterinary school, what are the requirements for that person to become certified to have their own practice?

I am pursuing veterinary medicine. Although I am only a high school junior, I am driven to follow through with my plans. A goal of mine is to open my own practice as a mobile large and small animal veterinarian. I know most of the path to reach that destination, but I'm not completely sure the amount of time I would need to spend working under another veterinarian or how I would need to go about starting the business. #business #veterinary

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Congratulations on your goals and determination. There is no specific time that you would have to work as an associate. Of course the more experience, advice, and time to build relationships with clients and "build your brand" usually the better. The business oftentimes depends on location, finances, and opportunities . It will involve time and research as well as logistics and emotional decisions in evaluating the opportunities. Best wishes !
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Check the link below.

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