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What kind of activities/experience will be most crucial on an application for pharmacy school?

I want to make sure to participate in any internship/research/club activities that will be helpful for pharmacy school. #pharmacy #pharmaceuticals

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Abdul Vaajid’s Answer

Hello, Joanne

Great question! To get accepted to a pharmacy school, one of the crucial points that are taken in consideration is extra extracurricular activities.
1. Clubs/Organizations: get involved in any club that interests you, hold a leadership position in that club, organize invents/fundraisers/volunteer work.
2. On campus jobs: If possible atleast try to hold a position in student activities office, or be a peer mentor if your university organizes such programs were they hire seniors as peer mentors to assist freshman.
3. Health care related organizations: research if American Heart Association, Alzheimer's Association or American Diabetes Associates such as are having an event in your community, be a part of it, volunteer or even better help organize one.
4. Work: become a certified pharmacy technician, get a job at a community or hospital pharmacy and atleast have 1 year of pharmacy work experience, this will help you tremendously with your pharmacy school experience.

The quality that a pharmacist should posses are tested by this, being a leader, able to communicate with patients, inspire colleagues and be able to manage time well.

Wow, thank you so much for the help! Joanne P.