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Bryce Danniel Jun 28, 2018 838 views

How do i become better at managing time?

I currently do part-time at work, while at the same time I go to school full time. I do about 20 hours of working and whatever time I have left is dedicated to school but I feel really stressed out cause its feels like work overload and this doesn't feel great. #college #school #work...

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Jabe Oct 25, 2021 775 views

what is the most rewarding aspect of being a Pharmacist?

#pharmacy #pharmacist #pharmaceuticals #healthcare

Katelynn’s Avatar
Katelynn Jun 27, 2018 772 views

I am interested in being a pharmacist. Does the job relate to technology?

Are the computers hard to work? Do you count it yourself?#pharmacist #pharmacy #healthcare #technology

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Joanne May 17, 2016 2789 views

What kind of activities/experience will be most crucial on an application for pharmacy school?

I want to make sure to participate in any internship/research/club activities that will be helpful for pharmacy school. #pharmacy #pharmaceuticals

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Kendall Jan 21, 2018 988 views

What’s the most difficult part of graduate school, and of becoming a pharmacist?

I am currently a senior in high school. I plan to earn my bachelor’s degree in Biology. At this time, I am interested in pharmacy as a potential career. I feel it would be a good fit for me. If I were to continue on the pharmacy path, I may begin my career in R&D and then work my way to...