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How would you describe the corporate atmosphere in a dentist office?

My plan after obtaining my undergrad degree is to go to dentistry school and become an dentist.
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2 answers

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Keith’s Answer

In my experience there are several types of dental practices. 

One is the large dental mill: move-them-in and move-them-out practices that are just rip-off joints. I used to go to one like that. They had one wing for exams, another for cleanings. EVERYONE that walked into the door had periodontal disease...every one, and was billed for a kit to treat it. I know for a fact that the image of the bleeding gums they showed me on the overhead screen was not my mouth. I got up and left.

The other is a small practice. I went to a practice with a single dentist. I mentioned my dissatisfaction with the other place and he called in an assistant to hear what I had to say. She used to work at the other practice and said everything I thought was true and that is why she left.

Fast forward several years. By that time my dentist had replaced all my amalgam fillings and capped two teeth and is now on the verge of retiring. He won't say he is, but in truth he has already sold his practice to a husband and wife Indian team of dentists.  My wife went recently and was very unhappy with the work, so we'll be finding another dentist.

My point is large or small they all have their own politics. The larger the firm the more politics as there are always people looking to climb up the ladder on someone else's back.  A small practice might be more stress if the workload is high, but the rewards can be greater if you develop a faithful clientele.

Keith recommends the following next steps:

Do your research on line about various practices on the many review sites. See what the customers have to say about them. You have to put your bullshit filter on high gain because there can be people looking to grind an ax. So you have to read the reviews critically.

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Hector’s Answer

Each place of work is different, and usually dentist offices are very professional in the sense that they are busy places and due to the job they perform, sterilizing everything and keep the place spot clean are a must. I have not seen anything wrong at any dentist office I have been, but they are not big, so about the corporate atmosphere you ask about, I do not know