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In my experience there are several types of dental practices.  One is the large dental mill: move-them-in and move-them-out practices that are just rip-off joints. I used to go to one like that. They had one wing for exams, another for cleanings. EVERYONE that walked into the door had...

Active May 22 '18 at 01:46 AM
Posted by Keith Patton’s Avatar Keith P.

As a senior manager in software development for over 20 years I have the following input. Most developers are introverts, but in today's Agile development environment you cannot be a mushroom (eg: expect to sit in the dark and get nourishment off of BS). You will be part of a team and...

Active May 22 '18 at 01:34 AM
Posted by Keith Patton’s Avatar Keith P.

Software Development is the creation of software that controls many of the devices we use in our daily lives. Such items as cell phones, computers, cash registers, gas pumps, satellite TV and so on. Creating software, or its development takes place following one of a number of methodologies...

Active Dec 07 '17 at 03:32 PM
Posted by Keith Patton’s Avatar Keith P.

Not very. Most developers I worked with were kind of antisocial. They kept to themselves. However the new Agile Development Method that most companies are turning to, requires a team approach, so some developers are finding it difficult to make the change from being isolated and left alone to...

Active Oct 24 '17 at 04:11 PM
Posted by Keith Patton’s Avatar Keith P.

Ann: I went to Old Dominion in Norfolk back in the 1970's. What follows below is part of an answer I wrote for someone else about the Environmental industry. Read it. I did environmental work for 8 years and was a project manager. I was the geology club president at ODU when I was there....

Active Oct 24 '17 at 04:07 PM
Posted by Keith Patton’s Avatar Keith P.

The software engineers I worked with were making anywhere from $80 to $100K a year but they had a number of years of experience. The best way to find out is to check here:...

Active Oct 24 '17 at 03:58 PM
Posted by Keith Patton’s Avatar Keith P.

Issac: Career-wise, petroleum geoscience employs the most geoscientists. Having said that, there are a large number of specialty areas in geosciences. Some cross over into geophysics and geochemistry. So you have your homework cut out for you. You need to determine what specialty area you...

Active Oct 20 '17 at 05:03 PM
Posted by Keith Patton’s Avatar Keith P.

Sadly, employment does not work like you think it does, and colleges do not prepare students for the real world. The idea of a major and minor is a fiction. I had a classmate in college who got his BS in geology and then got a MBA thinking he would be a shoe in for a job at a major oil...

Active Oct 20 '17 at 04:15 PM
Posted by Keith Patton’s Avatar Keith P.

Caleb: More fundamental than handling their anger, you need to figure out why they are angry in the first place. If you are writing code and people get angry, it is usually a communication problem. Expectations are not in sync. What I mean is it sounds like what the software you are making is...

Active Oct 20 '17 at 03:48 PM
Posted by Keith Patton’s Avatar Keith P.

Xavier: NASA wants specialists. I had a friend in Graduate school who wanted to be an Interplanetary Geologist. I thought he was crazy. I had never heard of such a thing. But low and behold the next time I heard from him, he was an Interplanetary Geologist working for NASA. He ended up...

Active Oct 19 '17 at 04:01 PM
Posted by Keith Patton’s Avatar Keith P.
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