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What is the best way to explore different options to find out what kind of nursing career I would be best suited for?

There are so many different nursing career options. I am taking Allied Health this year and have been able to look at different departments in a hospital setting. I know there are many more options out there for nurses. I still have no idea what kind of nursing career I want to have. This is kind of scary, because I don't know what classes I should take or if I should look for summer internships. What should I be doing to help me figure it out? #students #professionals #nursing #medicine #hospital-and-health-care

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2 answers

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Jenny’s Answer

Don't be scared! An ADN or BSN is a very flexible degree and you can change paths at any point in your career if you wish. Nurses work on hospital floors, ERs, ORs, procedures (cath lab, IR), skilled nursing facilities, schools, military, doctor's offices, insurance companies, case managers - the list goes on.

I suggest volunteering or working in healthcare. If you work for a hospital or hospital system it usually isn't too hard to transfer to different departments.

Nursing was a second career for me. Before I started nursing school, I volunteered with a local fire department. That lead to a job as a tech an Emergency Room. I worked and volunteered while in school. As a nurse, I have worked in an Emergency Department and Intermediate Care Unit (aka step down). I'm now going to school part time for my Family Nurse Practitioner license.

Just get out there, meet people in the field, and learn something. You'll find a lot of opportunities.

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Angela’s Answer

During most nursing programs students are sent on a variety of clinical rotations in each area to teach you basic skills in the most common areas. This will give you exposure and help you decide if you really like each area. Don’t worry!