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Are there any certificate licensed jobs I can get as an undergraduate other than a registered behavioral therapist that relate to the field of psychology?

Psych and Neuroscience second year undergrad student. I have a friends who enjoys teaching and is currently working as an RBT. I was curious if there are any other similar types of jobs which are true professions that I can begin as an undergrad without a bachelor's degree. #psychology #college #career

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5 answers

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Gurpreet’s Answer

Hi Christopher,

When I was completing my psych undergrad, I was also in a very similar boat of trying to find hands on psychology related opportunities. I had a hard time finding paid roles that would give me the experience I was looking for so I turned to volunteer roles. I would highly recommend looking into volunteering with the Crisis Textline where you get to talk to texters who are going through a crisis and help walk them through their feelings. It can be difficult but it's rewarding and directly related to the field.

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Krissy’s Answer

While I was going through school to become a marriage and family therapist, I worked 2nd/3rd shift for CIGNA Behavioral Health Insurance as an Afterhours Advocate. I took a mixture of insurance-related calls - helping clients find a list of mental health providers, coaching callers on their benefits, referring them to their company's employee assistance programs - and crisis calls. While an unlicensed advocate such as myself was not allowed to provide therapeutic services to the crisis callers - I had to hand those calls off to a licensed mental health professional - I learned a great deal through this job about the mental health insurance system, resources available to people with and without insurance, and gained skills in crisis management, triage, and de-escalation. It was an opportunity for me to put a few of my new counseling skills into practice, and to observe other licensed professionals as they handled the incoming calls.

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Sarah’s Answer

Depending upon the state you want to work in, you may be able to become an addictions counselor (LADCP).

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Gemma’s Answer

Dear Christopher,

It would depend on the state you live in. Most states require a Master's Degree to be a licensed therapist. What you can do is do research on organizations, clinics, or places you can work as a trainee or shadow or intern, if possible. You can also look into jobs with different kinds of behavioral therapy such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). I would also suggest doing informational interviews on people who work in the field to explore the behavioral therapy and see what would be a best fit in the direction you want to go in the RBT field. I hope this helps!

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Kate’s Answer

I earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology and I entered the field of Human Resources. There are several Industrial Organizational psychology courses that align well with the "psychology of teams and work." I have really enjoyed this field - being in business, but focusing on the people side.