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who created operating systems?

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I want to work on creating operating systems for my career.

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Moe’s Answer

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Hi, there are several operating systems in use today, they vary by multiple facets including device, function, use cases etc. Generally, there are multiple versions of a particular operating system in use.

For Personal Computers, the most prevalent operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOSX. For Servers running in data centers, there are myriad operating systems, many Unix-based, Linux, and Windows flavors are around. For Mobile devices including smart phones and tablets, Android, IOS and others are prevalent today.

Other operating systems have come and gone.

You can find good information on Operating Systems in general and even on specific operating systems on the web. Wikipedia is a good place to start.

This article goes over operating systems and some history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operating_system

I hope this helps.

John’s Answer


If you want to create your own operating system, a good place to start would be creating a Linux (or other Unix) distribution. That will give you a good feel for all the pieces that need to exist for an effective operating system to function. From there, you can modify, rewrite, or swap out components until you've created a custom system you're happy with.

Linux format magazine had a good article on how to get started a few years ago:


Dnyanraj’s Answer

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