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My significant other would like to pursue a career in Welding. What would be the best college-based or certification school plan he could take so he can continue working his passion for a better salary?

Updated Rockwall, Texas

In order for my significant other and I to succeed in our near future, we need to know how much work we need to put in before settling down with careers and building a family. #career #salary #welding #financial-planning #career-details

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Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Shannon!

Welding can very rewarding and creative work!

Here is general information for a person considering a career in welding: http://www.thefabricator.com/article/arcwelding/planning-a-career-in-welding-a-young-persons-guide

Here is a link to a national organization to which welders belong, if your reference librarian at your local library could help you ocate a local chapter of this organization, their members would be able to provide much important information. Many times these organizations have scholarships and intern and coop programs or know of ones that exist. You could go to a meeting as a guest http://www.aws.org/resources/detail/job-outlook-for-welders

This is a list of welding shops in and around Rockwall. Many of them look very interesting. You could gain a lot of information by visiting some of these and saying that you are interested in pursuing welding as a career and see what advice they might have for you. http://www.yellowbook.com/s/welding-shop/surrounding-rockwall-tx/

Here is the government outlook for welding: http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes512041.htm

Let me know if this helps. I would like to help more if I can. Please keep me informed.

Thank you very much for this information and your input. I will get back to you soon about his decision as we look more into it. Your answer is very much appreciated, and I hope will contribute to others who have similar questions on this website.
You are welcome! Best of luck! Looking forward to hearing more!!