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What are good colleges in California that have great nursing schools?

Hello! I am a rising junior in high school and am interested in going into the medical field, more specifically nursing (possibly a nurse practitioner). I live in California, and want to go to college here. nursing college nurse healthcare medicine

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4 answers

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John’s Answer


Since a master's degree is required to become a nurse practitioner Athena, you first need to earn a bachelor's degree. A BSN program typically takes four years to complete. You may take courses in biology, chemistry, psychology, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, nutrition, health assessment and nursing. Part of your education includes gaining clinical experience in multiple hospital departments, such as psychiatry, surgery, maternity and pediatrics. You may also be given opportunities to participate in research.

• 4-YEARS – Earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) & Registered Nursing (RN) license
• 1-2 YEARS – RN Working Experience before Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program
• 2-YEARS – Complete an MSN Degree & American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) certification


STEP 1.) ASSESS YOUR BUDGET – The first thing you need to do is figure out where you want to go to school Athena. When you begin your research, start with are you going to live on campus, are you going to commute, are going to gat your bachelor's & masters at the same university. This can give you some direction and help narrow down your list of suitable institutions.

STEP 2.) RESEARCH & PICK A COUPLE OF UNIVERSITIES – In order to be realistic and flexible you should know your options. In the San Jose area you have some very good choices: community colleges; private universities; small colleges; and large public universities. They all have stellar Bachelor of Science majors.

STEP 3.) REGISTER & TAKE YOUR ADMISSIONS TESTS – Most universities and colleges will require you to take admissions tests as part of your application, such as the SAT or ACT. Your scores will play a large role in determining whether you are accepted into some of you university choices.

STEP 4.) APPLY EARLY – Pick three dream schools. More than 94% of freshmen are enrolled at one of their top three choices, you will be more likely to get into at least one. Apply to your family’s alma mater(s). If your parents or grandparents attended a school, the legacy advantage can be the equivalent of getting an additional 50 points on the SAT. If you want to apply to several colleges, be aware of every deadline. Keep in mind that admissions panels across the board receive thousands of applications at once so beat the rush by submitting yours early!

STEP 5.) GET INVOLVED – Admissions officers look for students who have maintained a strong academic standing and a proven track record of extracurricular activities. Admissions panels usually give priority and scholarships to well-rounded students who lead a balanced, driven and active life.

STEP 6.) AVOID THE FLUFF – Write a Stellar Essay: When you answer application questions and essay prompts, steer clear of “the fluff”. The redundant filler words and phrases can bore the reader and will not help your college admissions essay stand out from the rest. Write clear and concise sentences that directly answer the prompt, conveying exactly who you are and why you want to go to that school.

STEP 7.) BANK ON YOUR ACOUNT – Unfortunately, six years of collage can be quite expensive. If you think you will need financial assistance, do not apply to universities that don’t offer financial assistance or scholarships. Each school will have instructions for applying for scholarships or finanical aid.

Take your time with each college application; fill it out carefully and double-check each section. If you submit an incomplete application, the panel may believe you are not a serious or qualified candidate. Don’t forget to provide your high school transcript, SAT/SAT II/ACT test scores, and letters of recommendation as needed. Take the required admissions tests well in advance in case you don’t earn a qualifying score the first time you take them.

Good Luck Athena on becoming a Nurse Practitioner or Physicians Assistant
Thank you so much for your response! This was very helpful. Athena R.
Your Welcome Athena. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible” John Frick
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Gemma’s Answer

Dear Athena,

Since you are a rising junior in high school, you are on the right track in seeking colleges. This is the perfect time to explore your college options! Many colleges in the UC (University of California) system and the CSU (California State University) system and private institutions have nursing programs.

Some of the UC campuses with Nursing programs include: UC Irvine, UC San Francisco, and UC Los Angeles

Some of the CSU campuses with Nursing programs include: CSU Bakersfield, CSU East Bay, Sacramento State University, CSU Fullerton, CSU Los Angeles, and San Francisco State University

And some private institutions with nursing programs include University of the Pacific, University of San Francisco, and Saint Mary's College of California.

My suggestion would be to do your research on the universities all over California about which options catch your attention and would work for you.

I hope this advice helps. Best of luck!
Thank you for your response, and for listing out some possible options. Athena R.
You are welcome! Another thing you can look out for is College Fairs at your school or at universities near you, (or virtual college fairs coming up). From personal experience, I attended college fairs and went to every single table and spoke to every University Representative to see what programs were offered, admissions requirements, financial aid options, etc. Gemma Jerez
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Melanie’s Answer

Azusa Pacific University has a great nursing program. They offer great scholarships as well.
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Yolonda’s Answer

Hello Athena,

As long as the program is accredited it should be good to apply. The hardest part is getting in because nursing is very competitive. Here is a helpful video: