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What is required to be a janitor?

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Cailin’s Answer

I believe this is an "entry-level" position, meaning there is no formal education required to be a janitor. A high school diploma is the minimum requirement educationally speaking, but certification is available for such a position.

Janitorial jobs vary by location so depending on where you work or would like to work, you may need to be at least somewhat physically fit and knowledgeable on a variety of subjects including but not limited to use of machinery; cleaning processes associated with spills, vomit, toilet leaks, everyday upkeep, etc.; and various maintenance work. These may or may not be included in on the job training.

Should you want to go into a janitorial field, you should be adept at completing the assigned tasks in a timely manner and documenting planned and performed activities-- i.e., you should be able to organize yourself and have good time management skills.

If you're still in high school, taking courses like math and shop can be beneficial as shop can help with repairs and at least a basic math comprehension is always a good call. janitor career career-advice

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