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What's the best thing about being in IT security?

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5 answers

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Wayne’s Answer

Good day Elijah. I've worked in IT security for 15 years. The best thing about being in this field for me is protecting customers from cyber criminals. Every day my job allows me to make a difference in the world and I love that feeling.

Explore the field carefully and see if the field will work for you.

Below I've shared some links with more insight on working in IT Security:

What Working in Cybersecurity is Really Like: A Day in the Life -- https://www.varonis.com/blog/working-in-cybersecurity/
5 reasons to consider a career in cybersecurity -- https://www.welivesecurity.com/2020/03/03/5-reasons-consider-career-cybersecurity/
9 Surprising Benefits of Cybersecurity Careers -- https://startacybercareer.com/9-surprising-benefits-of-cybersecurity-careers/

Good luck!

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Morgan 🌐’s Answer

Finding creative ways to solve problems. You'll research, talk and meet other technicians, and always be learning. I have learned more from others than I have from school.

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Dina’s Answer

One of the best things about being in IT Security, the work not mundane and everyday is a new day with new information, challenges and skill building. Because IT is ever changing, so does security have to keep up with new technologies and threats. Along with the diversity of the work comes the different domains associated with IT Security. There is a range of opportunity to specialize in one domain (i.e. network security) to many over the life of your career; a few examples, Security Operations, Threat Modeling and Security Architecture. Those noted are more technical in nature. There are other domains to choose from also; to include Security Policy Management, Security Compliance and Risk Management. To sum it up, the best thing about IT Security is that you will never be bored!

Dina recommends the following next steps:

Best to enter security with base Information Technology experience/schooling.
Networking is a fundamental piece to everything security (study up).
Security + certifications
Meet with individuals in the field to get a good understanding of the roles you are interested in.

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Tina’s Answer

For me the best part of being in IT Security is that we play a role in all aspects of the company. We have visibility in key initiatives, we are part of most projects, and we often have to be the voice of our customer and in the protection of their information.

With the information security field being so broad (identity & access management, architecture, compliance, engineering, and security operations) we touch it all therefore each day is different.

Additionally, as technology changes so does the threat landscape. There is always something to learn, take action in, monitor, or manage the risks. this in of itself is challenging, rewarding, innovative, and leads to the ability to be creative. This to me is the most exciting part of this field.

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Bruce’s Answer

Hi Elijah,

No matter the role or organization, IT Security will always be enthralling, challenging, and fresh. As opposed to some other fields, which can wind up being static, predictable, and ultimately boring, IT Security is a perpetual shiny new penny. Why? Because security is a moving target...a rather fast moving target. Upon building competencies and specializations, you will always be in demand. If you enjoy problem-solving and get an adrenaline rush out of helping to protect others, then security is a great space for you.

All the best,

Bruce recommends the following next steps:

Seek out those in IT Security and ask them questions about the role they play and their likes/dislikes about what they do.
Stay current in the field, reading up on new forms of threats, new innovative security technologies, and new security companies popping up.
Find a mentor or two in the field; those who already walked a mile down the road you're considering, and seek their support and ongoing advice on companies, technologies, and roles.
Once you're serious about the field, aim towards attaining certifications.