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Are scholarships hard to get?

It seems like scholarships are super competitive. But I also hear that thousands of dollars go unclaimed each year.

Honestly, what are the odds of being selected? It seems like a lot of work with so promise of return. I feel discouraged. #finance #student

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3 answers

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Carrie’s Answer

Some of the funds that go unused each year are because nobody applies for them. Most people think to apply for scholarships with the university they are going to. Look for other opportunities. For instance, check with your parents to see if they work for a company that provides scholarships to children of employees. Also, ask around to see if any relatives have belonged to organizations that offer scholarships like unions, professional groups, and charity organizations. I received a small scholarship from the local Mason lodge. My great grandfather was a Mason, so that gave me an edge.

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Paul’s Answer

Don't give up!! Yes, scholarships are super competitive. There are a lot of students who cannot afford to pay for college on their own so they look for every opportunity possible to get free money. Yes, there are thousands of dollars that go unclaimed each year. This is because there is no single site that lists every single scholarship in one place. Furthermore, you still would have to apply for each scholarship individually. Looking for and filling out scholarship applications is very time consuming but you have to do it. Start with scholarships(dot)com.

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Savannah! Scholarships can be tricky but nonetheless it is always beneficial to try for it! I know of some of my friends who received scholarships; if you have any scholarship opportunities in high school/college then I would recommend to apply for them because it can more limited to your criteria. There are also websites as well especially for high school students to apply for scholarships. I will list them below and definitely check them out! There can also even be some form your own community and town, so do an internet search or maybe call up the borough and seek more information. Truthfully you may have to apply to many but the odds of receiving one do increase as you do!
Best of luck!

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