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What does the typical day for a healthcare worker look like?

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Richard’s Answer

Daily life for radiologist
There are multiple subspecialties in Radiology, so each of my partners daily work is quite different. I am an Interventional radiologist. I spend about half my time looking at Medical Imaging ( CT, x-ray, ultrasound, and MRI) to diagnose diseases. The other half of my time is spent performing procedures. We use ultrasound, CT, and x-ray to guide various Tools into different parts of the body to diagnose and treat illness. We can open and close arteries and veins as necessary. We also inject radiation and chemotherapy directly into tumors.

I work about 50 hours per week. My hours vary as my group provides 24/7 service. Twice a year I work a week of night shift; and twice a year, I work a week of evening shifts from 4-11 pm. Some radiologists work in outpatient centers and can have more regular hours.

Great answer, I really appreciate giving insight into one's typical day! Thank you again sir, I wish you the best in your career! Aun M.

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Ram’s Answer

During the pandemic, telehealth has become a huge trend. Doctors are now doing virtual consultations with clients within same-day notice in order to continue to treat patients across the country. This will lead to increased digitization when it comes to storing medical records. There are also many interesting articles about this trend online if you wanted to learn more. I hope this helped!

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Sendil’s Answer

During Pandemic, nothing much we can plan for the day. We need to work for survival. Lets not plan anything to do outside the house. Its a best time to plan for future and improve your skill sets and be ready for future challenges. One thing the day should have during this period is to be safe and stay healthy

Hi Sendil, the student was asking about the average day for a health care worker. Any info you can share about that topic would be helpful. Gurpreet Lally