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What aspects of your job do you find difficult or unpleasant?

if you like what you do you find opportunities to learn and every difficulty is overcome. what is important is to have a good relationship with people that can support you and create a strong network to look for help to find solutions to unpleasant tasks. hope if helps. Ana Dufour

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4 answers

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RAVI’s Answer

In one sentence: it is always difficult for me to deal with people who do not understand and are causing bottlenecks and delays to progress.

But I want to explain this in a broader context.

Work place is like living in a larger family for about 9 hours a day, 5 days a week!
Family means you will have both difficult people, unpleasant people, and difficult and unpleasant situations arising time to time.
Some people can deal with these situations willingly or unwillingly and continue to stay in the family. Some people cannot and break away from the family.

Work place is no different. The emotions that you have will be same or similar. The only difference is that work place comes with a well defined set of rules and guidelines that you cannot break. If you do, either you are let go or punished both monetarily as well as growth and stature more formally, unlike the family setup.

it is more difficult to accept all these and deal with in the initial days of one's career, and it was for me. Over the years, I have matured and accept these as part of the work and do not find them as difficult and as unpleasant as it was before.

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Patrick’s Answer

In acting: The uncertainty and ebb and flow of the business. It's changing now more than ever and it sometimes is challenging to really stay on top of the trends.

In admin/Front Desk: Working from home has actually made my job a bit smoother. The toughest part in the office are the different personalities and energies that might come your way coupled with any amount of downtime you may have. (Down time can be tricky to navigate sometimes!)

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Christopher’s Answer

In recruiting the toughest part is letting amazing candidates know you are hiring someone else for a role. You have to be honest, give feedback and let them know that their time spent interviewing with your company is appreciated!

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Jean’s Answer

I dislike conflict ,but I enjoy achievement and making a difference at work.