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Jean Spahr

community volunteer and retired career coach
Castle Rock, CO
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Anjali S. Anjali S. Jul 18, 2020 246 views

What kind of part time job can I do to help my studies financially?

I’m an #under_graduate who’s in need of some suggestions on how I can #help myself financially for my #further_studies. #july20...


Lauren Z.’s Avatar
Lauren Z. Lauren Z. Jul 19, 2020 174 views

I want to apply mental health related PhD , and what experiences are good for application?

My undergraduate major is Nursing, and minor Psychology. Then I got a master degree in Neuroscience. Now I want to apply PhD in mental health related major, like social work, clinical psychology, public health or mental health nursing. Do you have any suggestion for me? for example, how to...

#public-health #mental-health #july20

Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. Nancy O. Jul 29, 2020 234 views

A good entry level/internship job for Information Technology major?

I am majoring in Information technology (IT) and I'm trying to find an entry-level /internship job. What will be a good start? #jobs #first-job #job-market...