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Butwal, Western Development Region, Nepal
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I want to start a business and inspire people who are on the critical financial state as I am now.

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Anjali Dec 12, 2020 778 views

How can I support myself financially for my further studies?

I’m rejoining college soon but there’s no one who can give me financial help for my studies. It’s really difficult to get part time job these days. Therefore I need some genuine suggestions. #GivingisCaring

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Anjali Jul 18, 2020 776 views

What kind of part time job can I do to help my studies financially?

I’m an #under_graduate who’s in need of some suggestions on how I can #help myself financially for my #further_studies. #JULY20 #job-search

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Anjali Jul 18, 2020 724 views

What can I do now?

I had left my #college 3 years before because of #financial_issues and I had planned to #rejoin it this year unfortunately because of #Covid19 my idea of rejoining college is stocked somewhere between this #lockdown. I had applied for #scholarship however I have got no #response from there...

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Anjali Mar 07, 2020 560 views

I want some advice on rejoining college!

I’ve just left #college because of some issues and now I need suggestions on what should I do now?
Because I have no money that means no #career