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How do you write grants to help pay for college?

I want to learn how to write grants to help pay for college. #college #graduated #grant #grant-writing #college-applications #scholarships

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Lindsey’s Answer

I think it totally depends on the grant or scholarship you're applying for. In most cases, the prompts you're given and things you're asked to do to apply are unique to the organization hosting the giveaway.
No matter what, though:
-Be authentic. Show them who you are and what you stand for by telling stories about where you come from, what you're most passionate about, and what you've learned along the way.. they'll be the most compelling:)
-Goes without saying, but follow *all* the criteria, pay close attention to the requirements!
-Have a couple well crafted stories thought through and written down- chances are you'll use them in some capacity in a lot of applications.
-Start sourcing opportunities you see early. Make an ongoing list of scholarships throughout the year (most have application windows with deadlines, so mark your calendar accordingly) and apply when the time comes.