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If I want to become a Pediatrician, how do I know what major I am supposed to take?

I want to become a pediatrician, but I don't know the right path to take #doctor #health #pediatrician #professionals

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Erin’s Answer

Hello, Here are the steps for being a MD: 1) you first get a bachelor’s degree and this includes a good GPA & taking the main science classes (biology, organic and inorganic chemistry, anatomy, physics, calculus etc.) 2) For Med school entry you take the MCAT - a test to get into med school. 3) It is 4 years undergrad, 4 years medical school, then a residency is 3 yrs for pediatrics. My father & sister are pediatricians. I was told if you want to be a doctor, work hard & get into medical school and then you will be exposed to all types of doctors/opportunities and then you can pick a specialty. Good luck!