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Pediatrician Private Practice or Pediatric Hospital?

What are the biggest differences between working for a private practice or working in a hospital, as a pediatrician? In your opinion, which one is better? pediatrician pediatrics doctor professionals

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2 answers

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ayesha’s Answer

I completely agree with Philomena's answer. Government hospitals are more inclusive, have more diversity of patient population and variety of cases. Equally, it is hectic but nothing you can't get used to after a couple of years of practice. Private set-up is always more laid back and has better income but lesser job satisfaction or the rush. So each personality type can choose one for its own.
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Philomena’s Answer

working in a private hospital is more relaxed compared to government hospital. you may have less patients and the working environment is good. you may be paid higher compared to government agencies. in government places you meet more patients and meet interesting cases. i think starting with government agencies is better, after years of experience you can move to private agencies.

Thank you for your response!! I'll definitely take that into consideration Ashley H.