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Kerrville, Texas
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I want to be a pediatrician.

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Ashley Oct 19, 2020 468 views

Pediatrician- Is it worth it?

Should I become a Pediatrician? Is there another career I should look into? #pediatrician #pediatrics #career

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Ashley Oct 19, 2020 756 views

Pediatrician Private Practice or Pediatric Hospital?

What are the biggest differences between working for a private practice or working in a hospital, as a pediatrician? In your opinion, which one is better? #pediatrician #pediatrics #doctor #professionals

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Ashley Oct 19, 2020 614 views

What does an average day for a Pediatrician look like?

I am interested in becoming a pediatrician, but I would like to know more. What does a typical day in your life, as a pediatrician, look like? #pediatrician #pediatrics #medical

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Ashley Oct 19, 2020 421 views

What personality types are best for a pediatrician to have?

I am typically a bubbly and happy person, However I can be serious and straight to the point if need be. I am logical and can reason with difficult people. I can also be a comforting person if the situation calls for one. #doctor #pediatrician #medical

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Ashley Oct 19, 2020 435 views

How much is the average annual salary for a pediatrician?

Are there different types of pediatricians? How big is the range between their annual salaries? #pediatrician #salary

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Ashley Oct 19, 2020 308 views

How long should I go to school to become a pediatrician?

I'm currently a freshman in high school. Is there any steps I should be taking to help me prepare for my career of interest? How much post-secondary education do I need to succeed? #pediatrician #school